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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


DPPP ingin menegaskan bahawa Kes Lina Joy belum dibacakan oleh Mahkamah Persekutuan. Justeru DPPP meminta kerjasama DPPN untuk menolak sebarang fitnah yang menyatakan bahawa kes ini telah disebut di mahkamah.

untuk maklumat tepat sila hubungi :

Sdr Abdullah Abdul Karim (012-9526476)
Aminuddin Zulkifli (019-5116546).

berikut disiarkan emel dari PEMBELA untuk keterangan lanjut.

Menurut sumber dari PEMBELA dan PPI, mereka banyak menerima panggilan telefon yang menyatakan kes LinaJoy telah diputuskan di Mahkamah. Panggilan tersebut timbul ekoran daripada SMS palsu yang menyatakan keputusan kes ini telah dikeluarkan oleh pihak Mahkamah dan memihak kepada Azlina Jailani (Lina Joy).

Ada juga SMS yang menyebut keputusan tidak memihak kepadanya. PEMBELA dan PPI menegaskan hingga kini tiada sebarang tarikh diterima dan tetapkan oleh mahkamah. Pihak Peguam masih belum dimaklumkan secara rasmi oleh Mahkamah Persekutuan berhubung dengan penetapan kes tersebut.

Namun demikian marilah sama-sama kita berdoa agar kes tidak dipengaruhi oleh unsur-unsur luar yang cuba mengganggu gugat kedudukan Islam di Malaysia. PEMBELA & PPI menyeru kepada semua Umat Islam di Malaysia "agresif" untuk mengumpulkan tandatangan disemua peringkat masyarakat demi mempertahankan kedaulatan Islam.

Sokongan juga boleh dibuat secara "Online" dengan beberapa perubahan telah dibuat termasuk memberi pilihan kepada ruangan emel, bagi memudahkan urusan petition online.

Gerak kerja juga sedang dirangka kini bagi memperluaskan kempen, penyerahan surat, memorandum dan perbincangan di peringkat kerajaan, jabatan agama Islam,institusi-institusi, badan agama, parti politik dan sebagainya demi memastikan kefahaman yang jelas dan menyeluruh berhubung dengan isu ini bagi mengupaya semua pihak mencari jalan terbaik menyekat sebarang usaha yang cuba menjatuhkan kedaulatan Islam.

Sentiasa dapatkan maklumat tepat di :


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, Ketuanan Melayu is the false notion of malay greatness or malay supremacy. Truth is - there is nothing to associate the malay race with greatness.

By any widely accepted standards, it will be obvious to see that the malay race does not quality to be called one of the great races of this world. Truth is that the Chinese and Indians have a culture accomplished much more and far greater than these jokers have.

It should be Chinese and Indian supremacy in Malaysia. The only reason why malays have power in Malaysia is because they have the biggest population, and the racist rhetoric of the malay Umno politicians always sway the malay vote towards themselves.

Anyway, back to the untrue notion of Ketuanan Melayu. Let us see what malays have accomplished. Has any malay won the Nobel Prize - no. Has any malay been nominated for the Nobel Prize - most probably not.

By contrast, numerous Chinese and Indians have won the Nobel Prize and various other awards. The Chinese and Indian diaspora is widely recognized as two of the three most successful diasporas in history, the other being the Jewish diaspora. All over the world, Chinese and Indians have become successful artists, CEOs, doctors, filmmakers, scientists, writers, etc, etc.

Name one malay who is widely recognized around the world in his or her field. The only malay whose name might be recognized out of this country is Mahathir, and he is part Indian. Is malay culture recognized as a world renowned culture - no.

Malay culture, if cultures were ranked, would be close to the bottom. What is their culture compared to the great Chinese and Indian cultures that are centuries old and really rich. The Chinese and Indians have a 5000 years old history during which China and India have played a very important part in world history.

Nobody knew about malays until the Indian kings of south India first came here. That is why the oldest archeological remains in Malaysia, in Lembah Bujang, are Hindu temples.

The malay sultanate itself was started by a Hindu - Parameswara. And even at the height of its power, the Malacca sultanate was nothing more than a vassal of the Chinese emperor.

Have any malay architect designed anything worthwhile - no. Have any malay author won the Booker Prize or the Pulitzer Prize - no. Have any malay filmmaker won an Oscar - no. Have the malays achieved anything in sports - no.

Chinese and Indians have achieved all this. So there is no real Ketuanan Melayu. It is a fiction concocted by racist stupid politicians to keep the "kampung" malays happy thinking that they have had a glorious past.

They don't. Their history isn't worth mentioning. You would never find a mention of malays or Malaysia or Tanah Melayu in most books of world history while entire chapters are devoted to the history of China and India.

The discriminative constitution and law of Malaysia is just a recognition of this fact. The malay leaders and to every single malay knows that on a level playing field, the malays will never be able to compete with the Chinese and Indians.

2:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an endless list of examples: faulty traffic lights, illegal street racing, killer potholes, snatch thieves……….

Innocent people are still victimised by snatch thieves. (Where are the police? What are they doing?)

It has already become a Malaysian culture to keep "one eye closed" and "one eye opened".

The authority and everybody will have one of their eyes closed, behaving as although nothing has happened, everything is ok. Until some lives are lost, the ministers will debate the issues, suddenly everybody is wide awake.

But, my dearest fellows Malaysians have very short memory. Very soon, the pains subside. Very soon, history repeats………..

Malaysians are one whole lot of hypocrites, irresponsible living things.

How I wish one minister got killed by snatch thief and tomorrow government will pass a law to sentenced those culprits to death. This will save many more Malaysian lives.

How I wish one minister got videoed while doing ear squat in police custody, and I am sure government will revamp the police force the next day.

And how I wish the money lost by Proton, MAS, Bank Islam and other GLCs belong to their grandfathers, and I am sure those jokers will raise their right hands and swear not to make further losses again.

Only if those tragic events fall on prominent personality, then we will see changes in the government even then how long will the changes last.

2:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The malays are a truly hypocrite bunch of people. All this bullshit about the 'freedom of religion' as only appears to apply to anyone but not the malays!

The malays have made Islam such a hated religion with many man-made laws and impositions, all to suit their own convenience, and yet they claim to be 'Islamic' without even practicing the religion as it was intended to be practiced.

If Malaysia only wants Islam, then get rid of all the other races and live truly as 'Malay'sia, and see the country being destroyed by brainless malays monkeys in a matter of one year!

Why can't all races live in harmony? Why must anything that is related to Islam be such a huge contentious issue?

What the hell is the Syariah Court? These so-called Syariah 'lawyers' are a joke to the legal profession. The travesty of justice in Malaysia regarding converts to Islam especially is demeaning and a pathetic joke.

The Federal Court which is the supreme legal authority in Malaysia is 'impotent' against this useless Syariah Court when it comes to matters dealing with conversion! What absolute rubbish!

The malays are nothing but over-zealous hypocrites who don't even understand Islam in the proper context, let alone profess to practice it!

If malays want to progress in the world, you malays will have to rid the notion of God and your religion. It is your backward religion that is holding you back from every strata.

Look at Muslim countries. They are absolutely backwards in every aspect, living in the most poverty-ridden corners. But when it comes to religion, and building mosques which is half empty always, they build the best ones. Ignoring the poor people who live in shacks.

In Malaysia there is a mosque about every 100km and now they are built along the main streets of all towns. Is it to prove that you malays are so very religious? You malays think that every one has only sex in their mind all the time! This is a fault that undermines humans.

Now you malays have to rid your backward religion and go forward. And you malays must learn to accept that there is no God but dog.

Malaysia will never achieve developed status, certainly not with the malays. At least Mahathir built two tall structures that got the attention of the world, as he knew that the intellectual 'capabilities' of the malays were as good as a cow in the paddy field, regardless of any kind of miracle!

Despite all that the Malaysia government has been doing for the malays for ages, the malays are still way behind in terms of everything. They are lazy and have become so accustomed to handouts that they refuse to work to earn an honest living.

It is very sad. Why can't all races compete fairly? Remove all the barriers and ensure free competition based on capability and merit, rather than by race. Will that ever happen?

Everything in Malaysia is a joke when it comes to the malays. They are laughed at by everyone in this world for being incompetent, lazy, useless morons.

Be like Raja Petra……….a self-made man to be proud of, also a malay that is objective and can distinguish right from wrong.

2:14 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 12 realities ---

1. On paper, citizenship is secure - in reality, they say if you don't like it here, you can go away

2. On paper, we solve inter-community issues by win-win consultation - in reality, issues are silenced by subtle threats of unrest made on grounds of the supremacy, of one community's master and their unquestionable agenda

3. On paper, Malaysia can be great - in reality, 'Malaysia Boleh' remains just a word, an empty cry, devoid of any spirit and life to ensure the nation's survival

4. On paper, we have the meritocracy system - in reality, quota system is still running

5. On paper, we are a multiracial country - in reality, we have one community which is more equal than other communities

6. On paper, we have the national agenda - in reality, it is the malay agenda

7. On paper, even the NEP is good - in reality, it sucks

8. On paper, Pak Lah is fighting corruption - in reality, no Umno member is standing together with him

9. On paper, we have parliamentarians - in reality, we have a zoo, and only a few are ministers, the majority being exhibited specimens

10. On paper, we are a peaceful country - in reality, the absence of conflict is superficial, very fragile

11. On paper, we have a police force to look after our security - in reality, we need some protection from the police

12. On paper, we had the report, and 125 recommendations of the Royal Commission on the Police - in reality, we have just a book, non-act upon

2:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, that seems to be the problem with certain countries. They seem to want to bash and victimize themselves every possible step of the way so as to not take blame for anything, and using sorry justifications to uphold their prejudiced and many times, racist policies and laws.

Look at Malaysia and Indonesia. It is not only the Chinese there that are suffering. And about "Chinese being privilege", yes, right……….many of us know of times where British put up those familiar "No Chinese and dogs" signs banning certain nationalities inside. I don't know how privileged is that.

Need I mention the thanks they give their minorities (that provide the iron rice bowl to the economy), for example, sin money (a tax that is considered dirty because it comes from license taxes paid by gambling resorts and pig farms and such, considered sinful and unclean by their majority religion, Islam) used for Chinese welfare - many Chinese there have slammed it as an "insult" to them.

Stop referring to some sob past to justify some country's unfair policies and laws that relies on leeching on certain races for certain things, while the locals or the majority (malays) just sits back and enjoy the spoils.

Indonesia has plenty of Chinese who were abused, raped by Indonesians and so on for being "richer" and "taking money away from the people".

Hello, if they didn't have the - cannot be bothered attitude - and actually work hard to make a proper living for themselves without wasting precious money on luxury or items not necessary, and saving money, living frugal, they wouldn't have fallen into their own financial muck, and resorted to blaming other races for their own misery.

Today it seems, other races seem to be holding the reins of the economy in certain countries and these countries, instead of realising, they are falling behind and bucking up to be competitive to regain their competitive spirit and improve their situations, resort to using cheap tactics that discriminate against every other race, clearly, it shows they have no intention of getting their sorry bums up and working hard for their families and their country's pride.

Even countries like Saudi Arabia, where unemployment, crime, and every other bane of a country is rampant, because of the cushy role, the monarch plays as some sled oil dealer of the world.

Unlike which incidentally, still has quite a percentage of their economy made out of oil revenue, but is improving where they have realised that if they continue playing the stereotype of the dumb fat oil sheik, they are not going to get anywhere and once the oil runs out they will have a major crisis in their country.

North Korea is another country in Asia that is decadent, and finds no end to blaming other person or country for their stupid mishaps.

There, discrimination is at its best. Policies and laws mutilated in the name of corrupted politics run amok, and despite depending so heavily on foreign imports, they yet label these people as the problems of society that spreads evil decadent ways of the outside world into their country and refrain from giving these people proper rights - yet these people (the Chinese) are the ones contributing to the country the most.

One could argue every country has its own policies and laws that place prejudice on certain parties - yes, that is true, but none so shamefully as those who (Malaysia) not only boast about it, take the credit for the successes of these people whom they slam their discriminatory abuses on, and have no intention to change it (and that said with a smug look on the face).

That is a slap on the face to democracy and equal rights for all.

2:18 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is from the Malaysia man who brought you these, not in order of magnitude:

1. World class airline - MAS
2. World class bank - Bank Islam
3. World class capital - Putrajaya
4. World class car - Proton
5. World class dam - Bakun
6. World class democracy - Umno
7. World class exchange - KLSE
8. World class ICT - Multimedia Super Corridor
9. World class law - ISA
10. World class parliament - August House
11. World class polis - Bukit Aman
12. World class steel - Perwaja
13. World class trader - Bank Negara
14. World class transit - Putra and Star
15. World class transparency - EPF

Let us support this man in order to further his cause in creating some world class intelligence and memory challenged followers. We may even be the hub of world class! Boleh!

2:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is simple, Malaysians (the malays) think with emotions not brains. As long as they don't use brains but emotions, we will never progress!

Look at it, you can't even have a ground to speak on racial issues without people getting emotional and wanting to fight, I guess that probably the best outcome of the NEP!

How stupid can someone to think feeding fish to a man is going to guarantee his future? You mean our past leaders were so stupid not know that only by teaching him how to fish, and allowing him to fish on rough seas by himself, will he be successful in life?

Look at Singapore, not that the government don't care, but the policy is simple, you have to compete with anyone around you, not only fellow Singaporeans but also outsiders!

And that gives you a truly intelligent society!

Look at Malaysia, when a minister condemn a dumb ass company like Proton to buck up, you get thousands of idiots in the floor chanting "Hidup Proton"……….now you tell me, is that emotions, intelligence or stupidity!

Australia, Singapore and UK, the main beneficiaries of our rejected (but bright) students, may have laughed privately about our higher education policies for the last few decades - Why would a country invests 12 years of primary, secondary education in their citizens, only to deprive them for the opportunity of a tertiary education?

The policy of overemphasis of non-science courses at our public universities may have caused the shortage of scientific talent in the country, as well as creating a huge number of unemployable graduates.

No wonder Singapore is very happy with the gain. Thailand too is applauding our policy. Simply it is holding our Malaysia progress to developed status. Hence, Thailand is quietly but surely overtaking us in all fields. They are already in nano-tech.

Malaysia? Umno Youth busy waving the keris frightening the non-malays and would be investors away.

Singapore is friendly to expatriates working there. They treat those experts well. Also they allow them to make decisions. But back here, the experts have to take instructions from half-baked scientists who know almost nothing.

Look at USA. The citizens be they white, brown or black, they are really proud of their country.

A quick glance of their policy will reveal the answer. In Malaysia, for a Chinese or Indian to be promoted to chief clerk is almost an impossible dream.

Blame it on the government and Umno.

2:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am non-Muslim bumi - purely and originally from the land of Borneo - you malays have no right at all to speak here……….pack your bag and go back to Indonesia where your nenek moyang came from.

Shame on you for calling others immigrant. There is no such thing as "hak bumiputra"! It is just a cover up for "hak migrant melayu"! Bangsa terrorist has no space here in my land.

Only those Semenanjung people who have lived in Sabah or Sarawak know the true meaning of integration and tolerance!

The only reason why there is many so-called "pendatang" in your malay land is primarily because your malay ancestors were a bunch of village idiots who'd much rather let the white man take advantage of the nation great resources and run its affairs, while malays sat on their lazy asses collecting food for royalties.

After being the white man's whore for centuries, the Japanese invasion knocked some sense into them, showing them that white man can be sent home, and that they can be independent.

Don't for a moment think that you and your ilk could have done it all alone in bringing this country to this stage of development, all by yourselves without the blood, sweat and tears of the non-malays.

Malays have not done non-malays any favors. We are all Malaysians, we all built this country and us non-malays………..no, better yet, Malaysians are here to stay!

This is Malaysia my dear people, you have to change it. Forget about Umno, MIC and MCA. They don't care about you. They do care about the money in your pockets.

Allowing the views of the non-malays to be heard in Malaysia. Otherwise, the malays will think that the non-malays are tolerating the nonsense of Umno.

And I believe all malay parents have brainwashed their children that only malays are the master of this land. With that believe, the malays are not opening up their minds and not progressing at all. The malays will rest on their perils.

You are living in the wrong country, in a wrong era. It is you malay who should pack your bag, and head to a desert, to live with your camel humping brethren in Saudi Arabia.

So get off your supremacist horse, because if not for the collective work of all Malaysians, an ignoramus like you would most likely be tilling the paddy fields or plucking the coconuts right now………..instead of having the benefit of using a computer to surf the Internet and post message on a board!

2:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least someone spoke up my thoughts. I thought I am the only person with the sentiment……….MCA and Gerakan spoke about the racial integrity and contentment that we felt which is totally untrue.

I believe, there is no protest over this treatment of us as second class citizens as everyone lives in the shadow of 13 May 1969 disaster, clouded over by the brutal murder in Indonesia of ethnic Chinese, not too far off.

As far as I can see, all policies and laws are meant to benefit only the malays, and not the bumis (other natives like in Sabah and Sarawak) as whole.

Call like asking Chinese to join the government or the army to be more patriotic, I see no reason as there is a limit to the career progression, and no reason for a 'second class citizen' to commit more than what we believe we should.

We are not talking racist here. We are talking how the government is doing not fair and unequal things to our Malaysians, that is we talking about even anything we do be tax by government.

The thing is where in the world has this kind of policy to restrict and no equal to their citizens to do any business even though we pay a tax!

Fool malay, if you are our prime minister, sure long ago our Malaysia is worst than Indonesia because of people like you are racist than us, even you not really know where are the resources really come from who, the more and the most.

If by this tax we are feeding you fool malay, I better feeding a dog rather than you that don't understand, at the end alike in Indonesia, that they are thinking they can do better but they don't even know how the history and process come from in first. Like 'robbery' kind of way, I don't think we like to be kindly of it!

Following some person comments, although having many tall skyscrapers and other mega projects, while driving in the city at traffic light, I see malays open their car door to spit or to throw rubbish out of their car window, in the middle of the traffic jam.

In fast food centre, I see their little dirty bustards stomping on the table like it is their house while their ignorant malay parents chat on. It is a sore eyes and ironic these so-called 'civlised native cum owner' of the malay land……….it is a sad sad world.

Oh, by the way - I remind that our government has implemented a plan to recall our talents who work in overseas to come home - they give them tax exemption……….APs to bring their cars back blah blah blah. Can anyone tell me how many of them are still working here?

Answer: 1! (Not sure he also ran back to the country he served.)

And bear in mind there are our malays in there, ok? So, it is not the matter of racist or what - simply because of the shitty policies.

Well, finally someone know my two reasons why Malaysia fail.

The first reason, I have pointed former is 'government being run by politician and business should be run by businessman', Malaysia fail because 'politicians are running the business'.

The second reason Malaysia will fail is 'the government should not have a religion'. People have religion, not the government or the country.

I am looking for the opportunity to go out of this country.

2:27 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you Singapore on your National Day.

Your leaders have done well for your country, taking it from a backwater state to a leading economic power. You have all reasons to be proud. Sadly in Malaysia, the leaders are still bickering while the country is going down the social and economic drain.

Though some of us will still fly the Malaysia flag voluntarily on our National Day, we find it very difficult to be as proud as you, as we have so much racial disintegration, inequality and discord, which were sown over the years by unprofessionally, poor leadership, corruption and communal politics.

To all Singaporeans a happy National Day holiday. You have to cherished Lee Kuan Yew for bringing Singapore out from the pits of hell in order to enjoy the success you have today. Good on yah!

To all Malaysians, can't wish you yet but a National Day is sure to come, happy or not is up to you to decide!

As for me, I have decided to leave the Malaysia country for the sake of my family. Whether we like it or not, the government over the period of 49 years have created a "think only of myself" society.

Malaysians cannot blame Pak Lah for all those speculative things such as with their respective company. You put him there to temp him. You already knew from the past that this kind of things will happen. But you still chose to vote BN.

Irregardless of whether you vote for the opposition or not, 90% voted for BN in the last election. Why complain now?

That is it. I am fed up. I am leaving the Malaysia country.

Australia has a much bigger diversity but they have all sorts of ethnicity (Singaporean, Scottish, Malaysian, Italian, English, Chinese, etc) but they are still able to govern the country with good leadership. Also, it is a larger country but the same amount of population as Malaysia.

Also note that all leaders of the developed world as they call it have highly qualified leaders to lead them. Not any Tom and Hay that marries the minister's daughter then get a deputy post in a party and move up the political world.

It is always a joy to watch their Singapore National Day celebration.

60 thousand people were fully packed in their national stadium. The security check was world class as the possible terrorism threat was never ruled out.

The patriotism was written all over everybody's face; the parade of the school band, the navy and the air force, the armed forces; the excitement and enthusiasm of the people was fantastic; the creativity of the performers; the beautiful fireworks, the whole Singapore was celebrating with great excitement; that includes people outside the stadium, overseas Singaporeans who flew back from overseas just for the celebration and also the tourists; no need to threaten; display of Singapore own designed riffles, the apache helicopters.

What is wrong with our Malaysia country? My tears rolled down when I watched the TV program of the celebration of Singapore National Day; happy for Singapore but weep for our country.

Yes, it is sad to see what happened to our promising country.

Singaporeans are successful and confident people. To them it does not matter what race or culture come out first to show their tradition and culture in their National Day.

When politicians and political parties decided to mix politics with business to acquire quick and enormous wealth from their position of power and influence, the country and its ordinary people are victims.

As a multiracial religious country, we are suspicious and not friendly with non-Muslim peoples and countries. We have politicians making unnecessary and bias statements to hurt the country name and image in the world. This is allowed to happen for decades.

Something is very wrong with the government.

Yes, the little red dot down south, our separated twin, can teach us lots on racial harmony, positive patriotism, meritocracy education, globalization entrepreneurship, effective public transport, etc.

Singapore is fortunate. The first generation leaders of Singapore had a clear vision - a Singaporean Singapore - and worked towards it. They laid the foundation and they groomed future leaders of similar or higher vision.

Our nation is now in a mess. It is not a Malaysian Malaysia. Even if we want to change for the better, it is not easy. We are stuck in a quicksand of many negative practices and cultures. How can we improve when we are not empowered to remove ineffective and corrupt people, many of whom are in positions that determine the fate of our nation?

Compare the daily news in our newspapers and those in the newspapers of Singapore. Ours are predominantly on violence crimes, unfair allocations of resources, systems breaking down, racial or ethnic issues, etc - now of course on the ex-PM and current PM.

Singapore leaders took the painful and bold steps of uniting their people after independent. We Malaysia did not! We have too much pride and arrogance with too little leadership with responsibility, competency and accountability.

2:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that is quite an inspirational story……..

But can I ask, what is meaning of nation? What is meaning of freedom? And what is meaning of citizenship? What is meaning of slavery? Etc.

I hope will read story with more care to get these answers!

Our government sucks, our legal system sucks, our sport sucks, the people sucks too……

Is there anything about Malaysia that doesn't suck?

That is why I sent my son to study oversea. I want him to learn the culture of other people not just the standard of study in this country.

Any welcome to Malaysia - the only country in the world (another world record) where majority needs the protection from minority.

Actually we have a very good country.

We have a very good people, multi-cultural, multi-racial, we live very happily long long time ago even before independence.

But after Umno taking over the country, everything, many things change!

The protectionism and bumi special rights are the roots to our today problems.

I myself feel very sad to see what is happening in Malaysia. The country is getting sick, very sick!

I was in the same situation way back in 1980s. My only choice was to go to Australia. I am happy I did. Now I can retire in any country I want, including Malaysia. If I had been accepted into the Malaysian university, I would have less than a fifth of what I have now.

Hoping some miracles will happen in future……….Anyway enjoy your staying in Malaysia!

3:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read it all. In Mahathir's Malaysia, over 40% of the population lives under constitutionally mandated and perpetual state sanctioned racism. It is verging on illegality to even bring up the subject - even in parliament.

Non-bumis live under widespread and considerable electoral, educational, economic and even religious restrictions and also have to live with the risk of racially motivated stirring from malay politicians who could put one nation to shame. And don't ask about illegal aliens, they are safely locked up in detention centres.

Unsurprisingly, some malay policies have played upon resultant fears of racial tensions and the difficulties non-bumis face in creating their own political voice to shore up a captive vote in the ethnic electorate.

Starting up a company or even purchasing land and property is harder and more expensive for non-bumis. The only way to alleviate their permanent designation as a second-class citizen is to convert to Islam and thus enjoy partial legal acceptance as a bumis.

This Malaysia, a land where racism is used to justify racism, is Mahathir's creation and if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, then I need a new palette.

Perhaps you may have heard of the axiom making its rounds among the Malaysian bloggers:

"If it is a malay issue, it is a national issue. If it is an Indian issue, it is not an issue. If it is a Chinese issue, it is a racial issue."

That is the problem with Malaysia. The Chinese and Indians are made to feel as if Malaysia is for the malays, and not for the citizens of Malaysia. Even the textbooks are often written as if addressing the malays instead of Malaysians, with references to Islam and other malay cultural aspects.

Just look at Singapore. In spite of their being a multiracial society completely lacking in national resources, they are now a developed country. Why?

Because the people there are united. There is no presumption that the average citizen is a Chinese or any serious programme giving a particular race special rights.

The presumption that greed, dishonesty, and betrayal are innate qualities of a Chinese is simply as abhorrent as the presumption by some Chinese that malays smell bad, are lazy, and are extremely religious to the point of martyrdom. Such stereotyping accomplishes nothing.

If Chinese kids won't die for Malaysia, we should not jump to the conclusion that Chinese cannot be trusted. Instead, we should consider it equally among other possibilities, such as the government's policies creating a feeling of unfair treatment despite the premise that we are all equal as citizens of Malaysia.

We know what the original intentions of the malay special privileges provision in the Merdeka Constitution were, but to maintain that it is a carte blanche for all manner of discrimination based on the bumi/non-bumi divide is certainly straining credibility.

Now that the commanding heights of the Malaysia economy have fallen into the hands of malay capitalists 48 years after independence, is it wrong to appeal for a new consensus based on social sector and need instead of race?

From the above, it is clear that the question of the constitutionality of the quota system as it has been practised since 1971 especially in totally bumi institutions has never been tested.

Because the government imposes racial quota in education and government departments, therefore Singapore and other countries take fortune at the tide. For years, there has been brain drain to our neighbour.

I called my newfound friend earlier who works in Singapore. Somehow, the conversation ended up on Malaysians holding top positions in Singapore.

Well, I have a good friend who is currently working with a top-notch investment company in Singapore. When my new friend found out, immediately said, "No wonder that Pak Lah person was mentioning about the brain drain in Malaysia!"

Well, I know a lot of doctors and scientists are working overseas. A number of my school alumni are actually working overseas and not in Malaysia. Some are doing well in London, Boston, to name a few. It is even funnier to hear stories of some of my school alumni to accidentally meet each other when they are overseas. Yes, my school is guilty for contributing to the brain drain……….

Closer to home, I wonder if Pak Lah knows about our own Malaysian companies that are also contributing to the brain drain. No name mentioned, but I know of one company, due to the change in business process has forced a number of the disgruntled staff to leave the company.

The worse thing, these staff left and joined the competitors that are not Malaysian owned. And even worse, some staff actually decided to leave Malaysia and work at greener pastures.

They could have stayed in Malaysia, but no company in Malaysia could afford to pay the expected salary due to the staff being former scholars and studied overseas during the economic crisis.

Sad really. Now wonder why Pak Lah has an uphill task.

Clearly, there has always been movement of highly skilled people in and out of a country. If there is brain drain from a particular country, it can scarcely develop. On the other hand, if it can keep its talents and successfully attract its skilled citizens to return as well as foreign talents to come, it will prosper.

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